Bedupako Voice Against Child Labor

In its endeavor to take social causes to masses via its 24×7 global radio, team bedupako dedicates the month of May 2012 to the cause of CHILD LABOR. 

Any and every 10-15 secs audio or video recording is welcomed as your voice against child labor all this month.

टीम बेडुपाको की अपील…

कोई कूँ नानतिन भगवान् रूप हुनि…
कोई कूँ नानतिन भोवक तस्वीर हुनि…
पे कस छू ऊ  मजबूरी …
जो हमर नानतिन हमर मजदूर हुनि…
बाल मजदूरी हमर आजक लिजी ना भो लिजी लै श्राप छू… अपण और अपण आस पासक सब्बे ननाओं को स्कूल भेजो…
भविष्य हमर तब जगमगाल…सब नानतिन जब पढ़ लिख जाल….

हिंदी रूपांतर

कोई कहता बच्चे ईश्वर का स्वरुप हैं…

कोई कहता बच्चे आनेवाले कल की तस्वीर हैं,

फिर कैसी है वो मजबूरी…
जो बच्चे मजदूरी करने पर मजबूर हैं…
बाल मजदूरी हमारे वर्तमान ही नहीं भविष्य पर भी अभिशाप है…अपने और अपने आस पड़ोस के सभी बच्चों को स्कूल भेजें…
भविष्य हमारा तब जगमगायेगा…हरेक बच्चा पढने लिखने जब जायेगा…
  • Jeevanadhikari

    Bachoon ko bhi pyar mile, Pad likh kar sansaar mile
    Yehi to hain vawishya desh ka, inko inka haque her baar mile 

    • Bedupako

      Nice lines Jeevan Ji, we would surely include them in our next audio/video ad. 

  • Bisan Singh Negi

    team bedupako ki is koshish ko mera salute….aise kaam main hum sabhi ko bhageedari karni chahiye. Main koshis karunga ki aap tak kuch audio clip pahuncha kar apni awaaj logoon tak de saku. Jagrukta hi safalta ki pahali seedi hai. 

    • Bedupako

      Thanks Negi Ji

  • Gauravupreti

    Waah kya baat hai ji….aise kaam kuch hone chahiye 

    • Bedupako

      Thanks for your response Gaurav

  • Ramesh kumar Mumukshu

    Unemployment, lack of resouces, inequality among people on the basis of caste, lack of rule of law in our country, lack of political will, lack of honesy and our irresponsible attitude towards our country are the factor of existence of child labour in our country. To establish rule of law is the effective way to make our country strong and spotless. We are not sensitized at because we kill our girl child. The people those can kill girl child, cannot be responsible at all. Lets go ahead to resettle our country of gods and goddess. Ramesh kumar Mumukshu, +919810610400, mail: ramumukshu@gmail.com

    • Bedupako

      Dear Ramesh Ji,

      Rightly said, all points are appropriately mentioned, we really lack a strong judicial system which eventually let the ill brains grow DAY BY DAY and spread sin in our society. Laws are often seen to be broken by each and every resident, NO ONE REALLY BOTHERS. 

      A strong connection within community is apparently seen only when COMMUNAL CLASHES happen, but a very few step forward in the event of REAL need. Change would be crystal visible the day this “VERY FEW” terns into a substantial group, THE REAL COMMUNITY. Lets VOICE AGAINST CHILD LABOR….LETS NOT SHUT OUR MOUTH UP WHEN WE SEE A CHILD LABORING NEXT TIME. LETS DO THE BEST POSSIBLE FROM WITHIN which may include sponsoring one’s education, convincing their parents, motivating underprivileged etc. etc.

      We greatly appreciate your thoughts and thanks for your response.

      Keep browsing, keep guiding. 

  • Barbyli Com

    How is this campaign going on…………………………..?…….Can we hope any fruitful results…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/suresh.pant.39 Suresh Pant

    टीम बेडूपाको को सैल्यूट

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