Fall of Mohan Chand in context History of Gorkha Rule on Kumaon

Fall of Mohan Chand in context History of Gorkha Rule on Kumaon

History of Gorkha /Nepal Rule over Kumaun, Garhwal and Himachal (1790-1815) -24

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) -543

By: Bhishma Kukreti (A History Research Student)

Mohan Chand did not get relief even after friendly Treaty (Dharmapatra) with Gorkha King and disturbances in Shrinagar Garhwal. Mohan Chand had hired armed forces from Tarai and Bhabhar or Barely promising theme higher salries. However, Mohan Chand could not pay them salary in time. The state treasury was empty. Mohan Chand levied new tax as Manga Kar on people for getting revenues. Mohan Chand tried to collect tax cruelly. He captured the children and women of those families who failed to pay tax. Mohan Chand did not spare even Mahar and Fartyal groups. Mohan Chand collected two lakh rupees. He paid the salaries of hired soldiers. However, people were dissatisfied by his cruel methods.
Harsh Dev Joshi was busy in getting back Kumaon Kingdom. From limited resources, Harsh Dev Joshi collected Rohila soldiers and other Kumaoni soldiers and attacked on Kumaon. When his army reached to Sitoli and Railkot via Havalbag, Mohan Chand got the information of Harsh Dev March towards Almora. Armies of Mohan Chand and Harsh Dev Joshi fought a fierce battle in Railkot and Sitoli. Harsh Dev Joshi army killed Prince Vishan Singh the eldest son of Mohan Chand. Harsh Dev Joshi captured Mohan Chand and his brother Lal Singh and kept thm in Prison. Joshi freed Lal Singh and kept Mohan Chand in jail. Mohan Chand died in jail.
Gorkha Ruler did not help Mohan Chand when he needed the real help. Harsh Dev requested Pradyuman Shah to return Kumaon to take the Kingdom. However, due to old bitter experiences, Pradyuman Shah refused to come back Almora. Harsh Dev Joshi appointed Shiv Singh as Siv Chand as Kumaon King. Shiv Singh was from Udyot Chand families. However, the subject was unhappy from the acts of Joshis. Harsh Dev Joshi could not make his position stable in Kumaon.
Crowning of Mahendra Chand
At the same time, Mahendra Singh the son of Mohan Chand with the help of Lal Singh and army of Rampur Nabab Faijulla Khan attacked on Kumaon. There was battle at Dhungsil near Bhimtal. The army chief of Shiv Chand was killed in the battle and Kumaon army ran away from battle field. Mahendra Chand captured Kumaon Kingdom. Harsh Dev Joshi ran towards Garhwal. Lal Singh and his army followed him with speed. Harsh Dev army defeated Lal Singh army in Ulkagarh at border of Kumaon and Garhwal. Lal Singh took asylum in a village Chukam. In the mean time, prince Parakram Shah came with army and defeated Harsh Dev Army. Harsh Dev went to Shrinagar. Parakram Shah took Lal Singh and Mahendra Chand to Almora. Mahendra Chand was crowned by Lal Singh and Parakram Shah on Kumaon Kingdom in 1789. Parakram Shah returned to Shrinagar.
Now, Lal Singh and Mahendra Chand started suppressing Joshi party. They captured Joshis and put them jail. Many Joshis were killed. The landlord ship was taken back from Joshis.
Harsh Dev Joshi could not stay in Shrinagar for long. Harsh Dev Joshi took asylum in Barely under Suberdar Menhadi Ali beg. Barely was under Awadh Nabab. Lal Singh became worried man.
At the same time, Awadh Nabab came to Kheda Bhabhar (east of Kathgodam and Haldwani) for hunting. Lal Singh met the Awadh Nabab there. Lal Singh assured Awadh nabab that Kumaon Kingdom was the Awdh friend. Lal Singh again assured that Kumaon Tarai-Bhabhar would be under Awdh. The Kumaon minister Nand Ram handed over Kumaon Tarai to Awdh Nabab. Awadh nabab assured Lal Singh for help. Lal Singh returned to Almora.

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History of Garhwal – Kumaon-Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) to be continued… Part -544
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