Vasvanand Bahuguna: The Great Astrologer of Garhwal of Gurkha Period

Vasvanand Bahuguna: The Great Astrologer of Garhwal of Gurkha Period
Disregard for Garhwali Scholars in Garhwal in Gurkha /Gorkha Period -3

History Discussion on Gurkha/Gorkha Administration in Garhwal – 33
History of Gorkha /Nepal Rule over Kumaun, Garhwal and Himachal (1790-1815) -98
History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) -617
By: Bhishma Kukreti (A History Student)
Gurkha administration never supported scholars of Garhwal in their regime. However, individually, tens of scholars were famous scholars at that time too.
Vasvanand /Vasva Nand Bahuguna was one of such Astrologers of Garhwal in Gurkha Period who was also famous in Punjab of Ran Singh.
Himalaye Swargsamanbhumau prakhyat bahugun-viprashyh
Tapodhanh suryasmanteja shrivasvanand dwijo babhuv
(In collection of Shridharanand Bahuguna, Reference; Prem Datt Chamoli, Sanskrit ko Garhwal ki Den, page 239-241)
There is no knowledge of birth place of Astrologer Vasvanand Bahuguna) (Dr Dabral wrote Bhardwaj instead of Bahuguna). Dr Dabral stated that Ramdatt Jyotirvid of Kumaon brought ‘Prashnasindhu’ by great astrologer Vasvanand in lime light. Dr Prem Datt Chamoli states that Nirnay Sagar Press published ‘Prashnasindhu’ in 1896. Venkateshwar Press Mumbai published ‘Prashnasindhu’ in 1905.
In ‘Prashnasindhu’, Vasvanand offered his introduction that his grandfather was Guna Nand and father name was Lilanand. Vasvanand mention that while living in prosperous western country, at Sujanpur, he completed ‘Prashnasindhu’ on Sanvat Shake 1739, (29th January 1818) Friday. His father Lilanand was Court Astrologer of Garhwal King. Vasvanand was also Court Astrologer for Garhwali Shah King. That means that he was born before 1790 and expired around 1830 (Bhakta Darshan, Garhwal ki Divangat Vibhutiyan).
Vasvanand travelled Mayakoti, Kimaota, Saudi, Matargaon etc.
When British rule started he ran away from Shrinagar or his native place (Kuthar or Pokhri) and travelled to Dhangu, Udaipur Garhwal, Nazibabad, Punjab and Indore. King Ranjit Singh was impressed by knowledge of Vasvanand.
Prashnasindhu an Astrology Book
Vasvanand Bahuguna wrote more than three books but ‘Prashnasindhu’ is available now (Dr. Prem Datt Chamoli). in the introduction of
In the introduction of ‘Singh Makarsth Guru Meemansa’, Pundit Vasvanand Khanduri mentions a book ‘Muhart Sar’ by Vasvanand Bahuguna
Prashna Sindhu starts by prayers of Shripati, Ganesh, Shiva, and Parvati. There are solutions for various problems and questions through various Signs (Chinh).
Vasvanand Bahuguna divided ‘Prashnasindhu’ into ‘Taranga’ and not Adhyaya or Chapters. There are following Tarangas in ‘Prashnasindhu’ by Astrologer Vasvanand –
Great Astrologer Vasvanand explained and describes the signs of auspicious and non auspicious signs and their respective results. As the sound of Shanka, Mridang, Veena, Hathi , Hans, gau, Ghoda are auspicious signs and Gadha , Bhains are non auspicious Signs.
In Gamagmanshya, Great Astrologer Vasvanand discusses about travel, arrivals reaching etc.
Mishrakashya Taranga
Mishrakashya Tarang is largest one having 25 Poems.
In Mishrakashya Taranga, Great Astrologer Vasvanand talks about miscellaneous subjects as –
Colors of Navgrahas and Akar (form descriptions)
Mansi Chitta Vichar (Psychological questions and conclusions for astrology)
Paraspar Prem Prashna (Love Dialogues between questioners)
Santati me Kanya-Putra Labh (Astrological conclusions about daughter and Son birth)
Vivah (Marriages)
Dhanlabh( Profits)
Stricharitra (Characteristics of Women)
Saras aur Neeras( Pleasure and Non Pleasure Aspects)
Bhojanprapti (Aspects of Food)
Swapna (Dreams and their meanings)
Sidhi (Accomplishments)
Doshabhidhan Taranga
Doshabhidhan Taranga is also important. There are importances of following aspects in recovering a patient –
Gram devta or village deity
Kul devta (Family Deity)
Narsingh deity
Pitar (forefathers)
Pretbhaya (Fear from deceased Souls)
Vat, Pit and Kaf descriptions their effects and curing
Same way, Astrologer offers various aspects of Astrology in other Taranga of ‘Prashnasindhu’.
The language and style of ‘Prashnasindhu’ is simple and easy to follow too. Vasvanand mentions his name at the end of each Taranga.

** History, Gurkha/Gorkha Administration in Garhwal…Remaining part, read in next chapter

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History of Garhwal – Kumaon-Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) to be continued… Part -618
*** History of Gorkha/Gurkha /Nepal Rule over Kumaun, Garhwal and Himachal (1790-1815) to be continued in next chapter

(The History of Garhwal, Kumaon, Haridwar write up is aimed for general readers)

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