Always, Poor create New Food

Always, Poor create New Food
Garhwali Story by: Mahesha Nand

Translation: Bhishma Kukreti


It was the first month of spring ‘Chait’. The experienced poor know the pain of spring. There is proverb that it is neither virtuous month when apricots flower nor apricots fruiting time. Both the time poor faces hunger. There are always no vegetables available in the ‘Chait ‘month. Poor situation! Poor can’t dehydrate vegetables in the season. How can he? It is today’s food problem for poor and not saving for tomorrow.
She called to her husband, “Darling! There is not a single pulse granule in the house. It is lunch time and time for children returning from school. How will we pacify the children hunger?”
The iron smith told her wife, “You! Visit village and sell the sickles made by us yesterday I will manage lunch for the children“
After returning from the village she was shocked finding he husband has already cooked the food. She found that rice and a curry was ready for meal.
She checked the curry and was confused about curry because nothing was there in the house for curry or vegetable cooking.
She tasted the curry and was amazed by spicy and very tasty curry.
She asked, “Darling! How come you cooked such a tasty curry? Which ingredient did you use for curry?”
He answered, “There were only rice in the store. First I soaked some rice into water. In one pot I cooked rice. For, curry, I grand soaked rice with available spices and put more chilies. I mulled the rice paste into other pot and put water for making curry. That’s it.”
When children came and took food they were pleased by new type of taste and tasty curry –rice.
She said,” Poor can’t get lavish food but their hunger forces them for new culinary creation. “

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