Establishing Nanda Devi Temple in Payasu (Kafolsyun)

पयासू (कफोळ स्यूं ) में नंदा देवी मन्दिर स्थापना लोक कथा

Establishing Nanda Devi Temple in Payasu (Kafolsyun)
(Folk Stories of Garhwal- 122)
(Narrated by Shri Subhash Kukreti, village Payasu, Kafolsyun, Pauri Garhwal)
Collected By: Bhishma Kukreti

There is a Nanda Devi Temple on top of Payasu village of Kafolsyun, Pauri Garhwal. Payasu is the original village of Molasi caste in Garhwal. All Molasi migrated from Payasu.
It is said that there was no Devi temple in Payasu in old age. Now, there is Nanda Devi temple on Nanda Devi Dhar of Payasu.
There is a folk story for establishing Nanda Devi temple in Payasu village. There was no Devi temple in the village.
One night, an elder from Molasi family saw a dream. In dream, Nanda Devi was sad that Payasu people were not caring for her. The dreamer asked her about her and showed his reason that nobody knew about her being in the village. In dream, Nanda Devi detailed the elder man that she was on a stone in Agrora Gadan (Agrora is Bisht village). Nanda Devi asked the dreamer for establishing her temple on top of Payasu village.
Next morning, the old man told about his dream to his fellow men.
Molasis fellow went to Agrora Gadan and found that big stone as directed by Nanda Devi.
Molasi fellows tried to disestablish the big stone. They could not disestablish the stone. All Molasi fellows took the help of logs for disestablishing the stone. They took Nanda Devi big stone through logs on their shoulders and started taking her towards hill stop of Payasu. After some distance from Payasu towards the hill top, the Molasi fellows could not keep the big stone on their shoulders. Molasi fellows put down the stone. After taking rest , Molasi fellows started taking up the stone but were unsuccessful in disestablishing the stone.
When Molasi fellows could not shake the stone, they establish Nanda Devi temple there. Initially, Molasi covered the Nanda Devi stone by a small stone –mud shade. However, now, Molasis built a bigger temple there.
Molasis perform Nanda Devi rituals every Bhadon month for three days. In old age, Molasis sacrificed male buffalos and goats for Nanda Devi Pujan. However, now, Molasis stopped sacrificing the animals for Nand Devi ritual performances.

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