Shrinagar Social Structure -3

Shrinagar Social Structure -3
British Administration in Garhwal -148
History of British Rule/Administration over Kumaun and Garhwal (1815-1947) -168

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) -1002
By: Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)

Jwalaram the son of famous painter and poet Maularam portrayed a picture showing Shrinagar. Jwalaram showed Dhumki, Kamleshwar temples and other small temples; Palace; Kothi –the house of Baldock and houses. On top of portrayal, there is Gorakhnath cave more than geographical ration.
A Shrinagar resident Bhairab Datt Dangwal Shastri illustrated Shrinagar in his hand written booklet ‘Punyakshetra Shrinagar’. Dangwal’s detailing for Shrinagar are more authentic than Moorcraft and Trail.
Shastri stated that he saw Shrinagar in his childhood. He described that there was old Shankar math near Kamleshwar temple. The minister Shankar Dobhal built Shankar math on the Padari land. Just nearby Shankar Math, there was Kedarghat wherein big Shiv Ling was under big banyan tree. There were houses under banyan tree. Trail buil a hospital from ‘sadavrata’ money that was in east of Kedarghat. In east of hospital, there was Bharav Nath temple. Dobhal community settlement was there in south of Bhairav Nath temple. There were a Dharmshala and a wrestlers Akhara in north of Bhairav temple.
The palace was in east outside of street of Bhairav Nath temple. Down to the palace, there was State Funeral Ghat at Alaknanda bank. Opposite of Rajghat by crossing Alaknanda , there was Rajrajeshwari temple in Tehri territory.
There was a stone platform at four way crossing in south of Bhairav teertha. The sellers used to sell vegetables, fruits brought from Tehri region. Trail described the platform as ‘Sayar Chabutara’. In fact, the place was called as ‘Bayalpata’. Bhadrakali temple was in south of Bayalpata. Harvansh Giri haweli and Mahendra Giri haweli were there nearby Bayalpata. Maularam described about Harvansh Giri haweli at the Kirti Shah period. In north of Bayalpada, there was Akhada Bada wherein Sadhu, Siddh and Aughar used to stay. Dhoka built by Gorkhas or western door of Shrinagar was there near Aughar Bada. Vishnumandir (temple) built by Madhodas King was there in south nearby Aghorbada.
In west of Vishnu temple, there was Shitaladevi temple wherein nath , Siddh used to stay. Nearby Shitala temple, there was Bighadhara wherein priests of Satyanath sect used to stay. Saints or mahatmas used to stay nearby caves. Gardn of Khanduris was there in east of Bighadhara. Rajput Khaikars used to do farming there as Khaikar. In east, there was land of Rajguru Nautiyal families. Bisht Rajput were Khaikar of Nautiyal land. At south corner of Khanduri garden, there was Pitroda of Khanduri. Joshis the Purohit of Khanduris used to live nearby Khanduri Pitroda

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*** History of British Rule/Administration over British Garhwal (Pauri, Rudraprayag, and Chamoli1815-1947) to be continued in next chapter
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