Parakrama Shah surrounding Palace

Parakrama men surrounding Shrinagar Palace
History of King Sudarshan Shah of Tehri Riyasat – 35
History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 35
History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1261
By: Acharya Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)
Parakrama Shah Army surrounded King Palace. Parakrama was not ready for dialogues with the King. Parakrama used to be ready killing the person telling him good about the king. The supporters of Parakrama Shah were enjoying and the supporters of King were fearful. The elites of Garhwal were feeling uneasy but due to fear of Parakrama did not have strength for speaking in open. The ministers left visiting palace that Parakrama army that was outside of palace might kill them. One day supporting ministers sent message to the King that Parakrama might kill him and ministers too. The suggested the King to keep Kingdom power with him only. The King sent message to supporting ministers for collecting armed forces and to fight with Parakrama immediately.
Then the supporting ministers of the King started appointing force from the kingdom. The king sent letters to his sympathizers for sending solders. There was chaos everywhere as subjects knew the tussle between King and Parakrama Shah. it was civil war situation as everywhere there were king supporters and supporters of Parakrama Shah. Parakrama Shah came to know that ministers put army around their houses. He asked those ministers about army. Those ministers said that Parakrama Shah was going against custom by occupying palace and seemed snatching Kingdom from the elder brother. The minister suggested many alternates for Parakrama Shah. Those ministers suggested Parakrama for accord with the King an get new palace and additional jagir .
Parakrama was annoyed by their suggestions and told to the king “ The kingdom is not your own . I got kingdom by killing Jaikirti Shah. You were the king of Kumaon and I got Garhwal Kingdom by my own acts. “Parakrama Shah challenged the King Pradyumna Shah obeying his orders otherwise he would do same acts as he did with Jaikrit Shah. Parakrama Shah increased his army and put soldiers around house where King was residing. Parakrama Shah started residing in a house inside palace that King would not leave the palace easily.
The ministers sent message for the King to get out of palace with prince Sudarshan Shah. One day, the King took horse and started going out of palace. A spy sent message to Parakrama and Parakrama reached there . Parakrama stopped the King going out. Pradyumna Shah I not resist and did not fight for his rights.

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