The King Pardoning Parakrama Shah

Pardoning Parakrama Shah by the King
History of King Sudarshan Shah of Tehri Riyasat – 38
History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 38
History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1264
By: Acharya Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)
Double game by Mahant Puri
Mahant Prasad Puri of Kamleshwar temple Shrinagar played double game in the fight between Sudarshan Shah and Parakrama Shah. Prasad Puri sent his family member Maluk Puri for helping Parakrama Shah and his another family member Rudri Puri for helping Sudarshan Shah ( Shripur Lila page 17). In that fight, Gusain of the temple were killed the maximum.
King pardoning Parakrama
Soldiers of Sudarshan Shah surrounded Parakrama force and defeated them. The crowd was now after Parakrama and was eager to enter the staying place of Parakrama Shah. Parakrama Shah understood his bad luck. Parakrama ran to the King. Parakrama requested Pradyumna Shah for stopping the crowd and pardon him (Ganika Natak page 390) . Parakrama assured the King for proper behavior in future.
Pradyumna Shah was a simple person and he pardoned Parakrama Shah. Pradyumna Shah called his supporting ministers and called for ending the battle against Parakrama Shah.
References –
Maularam , Ganika Natak.

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