Gaun Gali: A Garhwali Short Story illustrating hard hitting changes in rural Garhwal

Gaun Gali: A Garhwali Short Story illustrating hard hitting changes in rural Garhwal
(Chronological History and Review of Modern Garhwali Short Stories series)
(Review of Short story Collection ‘Meru Pahar ‘written by Rakesh M. Thapliyal-1)
(Review of ‘Ganv Gali a short story written by Rakesh M. Thapliyal )
Review by: Bhishma Kukreti (Literature Historian)
‘Gaun Gali’ is first Garhwali short story of story collection ‘Meru Pahar ‘ by Rakesh Mohan Thapliyal (born in Tehri, 1954) . Rakesh Mohan is famous for penning down memoir of sunken Tehri or the sunken capital of Tehri Riyasat too.
Gaun Gali is the story of a migrated Garhwali visiting his village after many years narrated through dialogues. The migrated Garhwali toured his village for attending a marriage party .The writers illustrate all changes happening through dialogues between two or many characters. The liquor consumption has become very common and the Hero tastes every bit of liquor in the marriage as soon as he gets down from the bus to his village bus stop. The story takes the readers back thirty years and compares the today’s situation. The changes frustrate the hero or Migrated Garhwali that there are good comfortable physical changes but many unavoidable changes now dangerous for the society. The story writer is himself the migrated Garhwali and plays a neutral man role for narration the situation.
Story teller also shows now , cold relationship between him(Migrated one) and his parents due to his ignoring them due to unknown conditions. Thapliyal nether praises the new situation nor criticizes but the story tells that the story teller is injured and heartbroken
The style is definitely different that the narration is through dialogues but story writer did not use inverted coma or name of dialogues.
The language has Tehri dialects but is not hurdle in speed for story. The dialogues are s per character and readers enjoy each dialogue.
Sanjay Kothiyal the editor of Yogvani rightly states that the readers feel the charcters as seen by their own eyes.
This author enjoy the story .
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