Shridev Suman : A Garhwali Drama

Shaheed Shridev Suman : A Prose-Lyrical Garhwali Drama
(Chronological History and Review of Modern Garhwali Dramas series)
(Review of Garhwal Drama ‘Shaheed Shridev Suman ’)
(Review of Garhwali Dramas created by Dr Ranvir Singh Chauhan )
Review by: Bhishma Kukreti (Literature Historian)
Learned Garhwal historian Ranvir Singh Chauhan published 6 Garhwali dramas and all are included in collection ‘Hantya Pujai’ (2003). His most of Garhwali drmas are based on famous personality as Shakuntala, Teelu Rauteli, Kalidas etc. One of such dramas Shahhed Shridev Suman is based on the life of myrte Shridev Suman who died in jail against movement for freeing Tehri Riyasat from Tehri Riyasat King Rule. Shridev Suman died after 84 days long fast.
There are 9scenes in that one act drama.
Ranvir Singh used prose and lyrical dialogues for speeding the dramas and is successful in speeding the speed.
The drama is of general standard and can’t be called class drama
Drama-Shahhed Shridev Suman
From Drama collections ‘Hnatya Pujai ‘(2003) by Dr.Ranvir Singh Chauhan
Publisher -Rahdika Nivas Kotdwara ,Garhwal
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti
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