Uttarakhand – through the eyes of an outsider

This is not from the movie 'Cliffhanger' :) This is our own Uttarakhand ...

For a person who is from the south and who has spent most of his life in the south, the mention of Uttarakhand was indeed quite new and strange to me at once. My friend was my only point of contact with this tiny state in the heartland of India. She keeps talking about the natural beauty in Uttarakhand or ‘UK’ as I would prefer to call this state – the ‘devbhoomi’ or land of the Gods. I can understand that every localite would talk about his home state in glowing terms. But, her description of Uttarakhand was not stereotypical and it left me with more curiosity to actually experience this state.

I checked out some pictures in Google about UK and what I saw left me spellbound. So much pristine beauty. The term ‘virgin lands’ never had a more perfect match. I have always been fascinated by snow because me being from Chennai, I have never ever got the chance to experience this divine pleasure. Of course I have gone to the far corners of our great nation starting from Shimla to Darjeeling to Gangtok to Kulu, Manali and I have played in snow to my hearts fill.

But what I saw in Google about a place called Auli left me with an immediate feeling to go there and check out that place. This place offers adventure sports based on snow and that is something amazing. I have heard of Gulmarg in Kashmir,  that offers a destination for snow sports enthusiasts to try out skiing and other such activities. Gulmarg has a lot of media coverage and the fact that it is in Kashmir guarantees that extra hype.

But Auli in our own beautiful UK offers the same in much more safer conditions and it will also work out well logistically. So, UK has found a new fan in me just because of Auli and the adventure that it promises. I just hope that my friend guides me around UK and will make it one helluva unforgettable experience towards the end of this year. It has always been my dream to experience a hill station in extreme cold weather and this winter I hope that comes true.

Another major attraction for the youth ... River rafting

Add to the ski sports, we also have river rafting facilities in Rishikesh. This promises to be another chilling experience. Stuff of dreams.

Not only Auli and Rishikesh, UK also promises much much more in the form of numerous pilgrim spots. The 4 major ‘dhams’ of the Hindu religion – Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are in UK and these spots draw pilgrims in hordes year after year. After all who will refuse the closest one can get to experiencing heaven in our own country. I don’t belong to this ‘pilgrim’ target group. But, a moment or two spent at a temple that too in the stratospheric heights of UK won’t harm the soul, one bit.

On the whole, a trip to ‘devbhoomi’ in the near future is definitely on my ‘Bucket List’. I hope to write glowing tributes of this promising tourist haven, in this very same blog pretty soon.

Kaushik (LMK)

  • Khushi

    Happy touring UK Kaushik ! The time and money spent therein will be a experience for ever :)

    • lmktheleo

      sure kushi … looking forward to the tour of UK soon :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FEEAA74ZEBA7XXJFULAXG2OH7E sanju

    Nice Kaushik,

    Hope you planning your trip soon :)

    • lmktheleo

      sure sanju … :)
      thx … 

  • Nkargeti

    बहुत सुन्दर कौशिक.
    काश मेरे अपने राज्य के लोग आपकी तरह अपने राज्य के गौरव को पहचान पाते………..

  • Kavya

    Well written kaushik … :-) …. Hope you will experience the charm of devbhoomi soon :-)

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