I am ready for becoming Congress President

I am ready for becoming Congress President
South Asian Satire, Wit, Humour: Bhishma Kukreti
Ife– You should take the fine job in hand.
I – Where are jobs? Opposition leaders are crying that India is now, jobless.
Wife- Opposition leaders don’t open their eyes and you don’t see big opportunity for retired person as you are.
I-Where is job for me ?
Wife- The Congress President Post is vacant for many months.
I- Should I apply for Congress President post?
Wife-You are perfect candidate for the Congress President post.
Wife- You can please your boss by all means that you have been doing all those years in your service.
I- Now, Congress president will be free of Nehru –Badra members.
Wife- Do you believe on words from Congressmen?
I-By heart I don’t believe. Many times my mind says perhaps Congress would change .
Wife- No! congress will never change .Congress president might be from Non Nehru –Badra family but order will flow from Nehru-Badra members only.
I- Besides, flattery to Nehru-Badra family members ,there will be work for Congress president .
Wife- Not at all. I guarantee you there will be only one job for Congress President and that is taking order from Nehru-Badra members
I-As ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ji had only one job taking order from Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi
Wife- Definitely, Congress might change President but will never change its character of sycophancy for Nehru-Badra members
I-You mean that I will not have any job as Congress President
Wife- Why not? You will have only one job praising Nehru-Badra family and opposing all moves by government good or bad.
I –I am now over 6o and Congress requires energetic leaders rather ..
Wife- No . Congress never required energetic young leaders but only Chaploos Netas .Had it required energetic leaders then there should not be talk of making Motilal, Khadge or Gahlot as interim President.
I- Ok then I am sending application letter to Congress Working committee
Wife- You doesn’t know CWC is just a committee on paper. Send your application to Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Badra .

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Satire on Sycophancy, Satire on Congress Culture, Satire on shattered opposition

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