Are Indian Muslims fool

Are Indian Muslims Fool?
South Asian Humour: Bhishma Kukreti
I declare that in my opinion no Indian Muslim is fool at all..
However, by watching yesterday’s debate in Rajya Sabha, on Teen Talak abolishing Bill and subsequently the result show that All Indian political parties think that not only Indian Muslims but all Indians are fool.
Sharad Pawar and his family party show that National Congress Party is against Teen Talak Bill proposed by BJP government. NCP Rajya Sabha leader Memon criticized the bill and tore the argument by BJP members. Memon showed that NCP is against the bill and is pro Muslims. However, NCP head Pawar and his chief lieutenant Praful Patel both were absent from Rajya Sabha yesterday.
Politicians created perception that those support Teen Talak system in Muslim community are real supporter of Muslims and those want to abolish Teen Talak System are enemy of Indian Muslim community. Sharad Pawar wanted to show that his family party NCP is stern supporter of Muslims and his party members criticized BJP government for disturbing Muslim personal laws. However, when time came to vote against the Teen Talak Bill, Sharad Pawar and his assistant Patel were absent from the house for whole day. What a mockery of democracy by Pawar and company.

Same way, BSP, JD(U) , TDP, SP , TRs , PDP , criticized abolishing Teen Talak bill by sharp words and showed that all the above parties are stern supporters of Indian Muslims but when time came for voting against the bill their party members were absent from the floor.
Do all those arty perceive that Indian Muslims are fool and Indian Muslims don’t understand the reality? All Indians now, are full aware of hypocrisy of Indian political parties.
Criticizing a bill and not voting against the bill by parties is nothing but thinking that Indians are fool but Indians are not fool .Indians show by vote that who is real fool.

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