Consumers ! Please buy something

Consumer! Please, Restart Spending Money Freely
South Asian Humour: Bhishma Kukreti
“Hello! Shrimati Consumer! May I speak with you a few seconds?”
“Why not? I am here without work”.
“When are you restarting spending money so that Indian Economy comes on terms?”
“My husband Dinesh Says he can’t give me extra money till recession is over.”
“Hallo Dinesh! When are you buying new car?”
“The new car looks fantastic on TV commercials but I shall stick to my old car till recession is over.”
“When do you think the recession would be over?”
“I don’t know because Mr. Modi did not hint at all and unless Mr. Modi speaks I don’t believe on other leaders.”
“But, unless you buy the recession will not be over”
“The interest rates are so high I can’t think buying new car for a couple of years.”
“Interest rates would come down only when you all restart buying new car”
“I can’t think buying new car.”
“Then, you buy new house.”
“I am afraid I shall lose my job and in that situation I am unable to repaint the house too.”
“If you don’t repaint the old house, don’t buy new car and don’t buy new house the recession would be there”
“No way. I have to arrange money for my son’s admission in college too.”
“But your buying and spending money freely is must for ending recession”
“Agreed. But, first let recession is over I shall restart spending money freely”
“ No, No! First you start buying then only recession will be over “
“No ! No! Let first recession is over I shall restart spending money freely”
“But everything depends on your spending money freely. You Indian consumers are the root cause of recession .You all have to spend money freely for ending recession”
“I am sure Mr. Modi will do something. Wait till next budget.”
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