Common Fear of Common Indians

Common Fear of Common Indians
South Asian Humour: Bhishma Kukreti
Every weak, an agency or institution publishes survey on fears of Indians. There are many types of fear and Indians are suffering various types of phobia.
I wanted to know those fear by first hand and I started questioning people.
The vegetable seller on the footpath was afraid that even after paying increased Hafta(Monthly payment) to local Bhai (Don Type) Municipal Police will come on Van and will take her vegetables and will fine her every week.
A regular buyer is afraid that there will be adulterated Milk supply and he or she will get ill.
A regular TV watcher is afraid that no TV news channel will be neutral and he or she will get bias news from all news channels. TV news watchers are afraid that the standard of debates on those channels will deteriorate further.
The common men those spit regularly on the road without thinking are afraid that in immediate future, Government will increase Fines on spitting as Transport department increased fine and their spitting will be disturbed drastically.
An investigating reporter was afraid that he will submit get real information but editor will not publish.
A reporter was afraid that she will shoot a real video showing malpractices in hotels and restaurants of Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh government will book him for fake and malicious news.
Vegetable and fruits buyers are afraid that they are getting chemical injected lauki, vegetables and fruits.
The regular train travellers are afraid that mail trains might come on time and they might miss the train.
Old people are afraid that by new Ayushman Bharat scheme the private hospitals will increase medical charges and it will be difficult for uninsured patients for medical treatment.
My villagers are afraid that Gram Panhcayat election will divide them and villagers will lose sleep
I am afraid that if I write satire on Modi, Modi supporters will level me a Desh ka Gaddar or trait.

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