Chief Executive Officer should know about Code of Ethics

Chief Executive Officer should know about Code of Ethics
(Guidelines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series -2
By: Bhishma Kukreti (The management Historian)
सर्वाभीष्टकरं नीतिशास्त्रं स्यात सर्वसम्मतम I
अत्यावश्यं नृपस्यापि स सर्वेषां प्रभुर्यत: .I 12 I (शुक्रनीति )
Srvabhishtkarn neetishastra syaat sarvsammtam
Atyavshyam nripsyapi s sarvesham prabhuryta: 12 (Shukraneeti
The knowledge of Neetishastra (Code of Ethics or Knowledge of Ethics) helps in achieving the target .
The knowledge of Neetishastra is essential for chief executive officers, directors, chairmen, and managers.
Apart from business laws, the chief executives face various ethical obligations those are beyond constitutional laws. Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all the staff of his organization, the staff of associates and for carrying on those responsibilities.
The study of ethics is nothing but the study of values, principles standards within the organizational environments.
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