Essentials of Managing Ethics

Managing Ethics in the Organization is essential
(Guidelines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series -3
By: Bhishma Kukreti (The management Historian)
शत्रवो नीतिहीनानां यथाsपथ्यशिनां गदाः।
सद्यः कोच्चिच्च कालेन भवन्ति न भवंति च। 13 । ( शुक्रनीति )
Shatrava Neetiheenanan yathaapathyashinan gada: I
Sadya: kocchicchch kalen bhavanti n bhavanti cha I 13I (Shukraneneti )
[As the illness comes by taking harmful food and illness does not come near by taking useful food, Same way, ethic less human gets several enemies, while the ethical man gets countless friends.]
Tamara Lundgrane r the president and CEO of Schnitzler Steel Industries rightly said “ We are not born with character , it is not inherent , It is something we have control over” It means the CEO has to manage ethics for his/her own life and for organization.
Ethics attract helping hands from all directions but unethical deeds attract enmities
The CEO has to be an ethical human being for managing the organization (whether business, government or any organization) smoothly and ethics are important for life too.
A business Consultant (Organization development and Change) Carter McNamara rightly mentions that apart from moral benefits there are at least 8 other benefits by managing ethics in the (business organization).
Those 8 benefits by managing ethics in the organization are –
1-The Business ethics has sustainability for improving society
2-Managing Ethics help the organization in bad times because the organization has more friends than enemies
3-Managing ethics in organization create strong teamwork and productivity
4- Managing ethics in the organization help in improving the employees’ growth
5- Managing ethics in the organization means the organization leads all works legally that phenomenon increase the life of organization
6- Managing ethics in the organization as well in own life too helps in avoiding criminal acts and those acts decrease the chances of government fines.
7- Managing ethics in the organization is fit for creating quality management, diversity management and strategic planning.
8- Managing ethics in the organization as well in own life create positive and healthy image good for the person and organization too.

Carter McNamara, 223Oct, 2010, 10 Benefits of Managing Ethics in Workplace, www managementhelp.org blogs

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