The Ultimate Duty of CEO is to serve Internal and External Customers

The Ultimate Duty of CEO is to serve Internal and External Customers
(Guidelines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series -4
By: Bhishma Kukreti (The management Historian)
नृपस्य परम् धर्मः प्रजानां परिपालनम।
दुष्ट निग्रहणं नित्यं न नित्याsतो विना ह्युभे। 14। (शुक्रनीति )
Nripasya param dharm: prajanam paripalnam I
Dusht nigrahan nityam na nityaato vina hyubho I 14I (Shukraneeti)
[The ultimate duty of the King is to serve the citizens and punishing or bridling the evils. The king cannot perform this dharma or duty without knowledge of ethics or code of conducts]
The ultimate duties of a chief executive officer of any organization are to serve the internal customers (organization staff and staff of associate or related organizations) and the external customers. The external customers might be the real buyers of organization, government and public entities.
The job of CEO is to communicate with all internal and external customers
The CEO can serve the internal or external customers only when she or he has the knowledge of code of conducts or good policies.
The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or Managing director should always see that there are no devilish acts in the organization and should have regulations for stopping evil acts or inhuman or unconstitutional acts in the organization.
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