Characteristics of Rajasi (having Negative Habits) Chief Executive Officer

Characteristics of Rajasi (having Negative Habits) Chief Executive Officer
Guidelines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series -21
(Guiding Lessons for CEOs based on Shukraneeti)
(Refreshing notes for Chief Executive Officers)

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Sales and Marketing Consultant)
रजसो दांभिको लोभी विषयी वंचक शठ:
मनसाअन्याश्च वचसा कर्मणा कलहप्रिय : ।। 33 ।। ( शुक्रनीति )
नीच प्रिय: स्वतंत्रश्च नीतिहीन च छालान्तर:।
सा तिर्यक्त्वं स्थावरत्वं भवितांते नृषाधमः ।। 34 ।। ( शुक्रनीति )
Means that –
The King that is arrogant, greedy, lustful, voluptuary, deceptive, arbitrary, cheater, whimsical, amoral , quarrelsome, and he who – keeps foolish associates, friends (minds), uses in harsh language, loves low minded people, is called Rajasi King and gets Tiryak Yoni .(Shukraneeti -33, 34) (reference 1)
The characteristics of a Rajasi individual is always active physically or even in dream; gets pleasure in lustful deeds; turbulent/restless in this world and spiritual world ; lives for self and self-goal only .
The CEO should not have following bad habits /negative characteristics –
Selfish in nature
Thinks only about her/hi, self or acts only for own goal
Womanizer or opposite character
Loose or harsh talker
Keeps foolish assistants or councillors
The CEO should analyse her /his behaviour and if any of above characteristics are there the individual should eradicate them by regular practices.
Reference -
1-Shukraneeti, Mnaoj Pocket Books, Delhi Pp21
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, 2019
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