Correspondences between Trail and Adam related to Dispute of Sudarshan Shah with Saklanis

Correspondences between Trail and Adam related to  Dispute of Sudarshan Shah with Saklanis



Dispute of Sudarshan Shah with Saklanis -3

History of King Sudarshan Shah of Tehri Riyasat – 111

History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 108

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1340

By:   Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)


Kshiram the nephew of late Shivram Saklani became the guardian of minor Hariram the son of Shivram Saklani.

Sudarshan Shah wrote  a request letter  Trail (2) that  since , Shivram Saklani  was expired the British Government (Kumaon commissioner ) should grant permission to collect tax  from successors of Shivram Saklani on Jagir of Shivram Saklani or British Governemnt permit Sudarshan shah for ruling directly the villages of Jagir of Saklanis .

Trail wrote to John Adam (secretary of Governor General) on 5th December 18181 as follows  (3) -

“ The  villages of Saklana, Athur, Diuri Talukas and villages – Kot Padiyar, Sunarganv come under Garhwal Kingdom those given as Jagir for services to Garhwal Kingdom by Shivram Saklani  at one condition that Shivram family would pay as tribute every year for Rs. Five Hundred. When Gorkha  took over Garhwal, Shivram escaped to plains. Gorkha declared the Jagir as Khalsa Jagir or free ruling region for Gorkha Rule. When British took over Garhwal from Gorkha, Frazer offered the Region to Shivram Saklani   as free Jagir. Till his life, Shivram enjoyed that Jagir as Free from tax land. After the death of Shivram Saklani, King Sudarshan Shah requested me for taking Saklani’s Jagir directly under the rule of Tehri  Kingdom (Khalsa) . Or the succssors of Shiram should pay tribute for Rs. 500 as was custom in Garhwal kingdom period (before Gorkha rule) . I did already call  the past orders and orders by Frazer from Hariram (the son of Shivram). I am enclosing translation of The Garhwal Kingdom orders and order by Frazer. The order by Frazer indicates that in return   of favourable services rendered by Shivram at the time of Gorkha-British conflicts , Frazer offered same regions as Free tax land to Shivram which he got from Garhwal kingdom in past. Those facts are clear that the King Sudarshan shah has right for taking tribute for Rs. 500 annually from successor of Shivram. Since, the land area is reduced I recommend to reduce tribute amount to Rs.200 annually for that land that was offered by Frazer to Shivram for prermant basis .

Dabral (2) writes that after getting reply letter from John Adam, Trail wrote a letter to Sudarshan Shah on 9th April 1819 and 1st may 1819 stating that he (Trail) enquired from higher authority and Trail got order that the king had full authority for taking Saklani jagir and include into Kingdom (as Khalsa) or the King might offer Saklani Jagir as tax free land. As per Trail, British government did not wish to interfere into the matter. Trail sent letter of same subject to Hariram.

In next chapter, there will discussion  about actions by Kashiram Saklani …



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