MedicalEducation and Training the Indicating Factors of developing Medical Tourism inSushruta Samhita  -2

Medical Education and Training the Indicating Factors of developing Medical Tourism in Sushruta Samhita  -2

Indicators of Medical Tourism Development in Sushruta Samhita -4

History of Medical Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism in Nagavansha Period (176-340 A.D.) -5

History of Medical Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism in India, South Asia- 123

(With Special mentions of History of Medicines in India)

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Medical Tourism Historian)


Sushruta Samhita is all more about treatments by surgery.  Medical tourism development requires trained doctors and training to medical students is one of essential factors for developing medical tourism at any period.

There are training advices for medical students as procedures for learning about human bodies in Sushruta Samhita. In Sharir Adhyaya of Sushruta Samhita ( 5/47-49) there is teaching of following processes to learn human bodies from dead bodies (1)-

“The students should learn dissection of dead bodies for know all about human bodies. The student should take dead body of that human that is below 100 years and would not died serious diseases , with complete body parts to a lonely place. There in lonely place, the student should take out the intestine and dirt (sludge) from dead body and then should take the body to flowing water, the dead body should be filled by fibres, grasses  and should soften the dead body. When the dead body becomes soft , the students should watch the body parts after rubbing the dead body by   bamboo brush or other hard brushes. “

Sushruta Samhita teaches the medical students for learning the complete details of body parts by studying dead bodies. That teaching in Sushruta Samhita indicates that there was development of infrastructures those develop medical tourism. Definitely, the medical tourism was not for the way medical tourism developed today. In Sushruta times and even in early British time, medical profession was less for earning and more for serving human beings.

Teaching or training the medical science has been always part of medical tourism and that  also applies with Sushruta Samhita.

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1-Vidyalankar Atrideva   , 1960 ka Vrihat Itihas, Hindi Sahitya Samiti, Banaras pages -193

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