Types of Forests in Mahabharata

Types of Forests in Mahabharata

Plant Science/Botany in Mahabharata – 19

(Botany in Sanskrit Literature)

Botany in Epic Age of India – 25

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By: Bhishma Kukreti M.Sc. {(Botany), B.Sc. (Honours in Botany), Medical Tourism Historian)-


Mahabharata discusses many subjects of pure botany and applied botany (1). According to Muni, Mahabharata named the applied botany as vrikshayurveda or Bheshajyaurveda (1). Parashar Rishi the father of Veda Vyasa worked for Vrikshayurveda (1).

In Vana Parva of Mahabharata, the narrator detailed various subjects of forestry of its time (2)

There is discussion of following types of forests in Mahabharata (2)–

Forest Name ——– —-Parva of Mahabharata – Shloka no

Mahavana or great forest —–Vana Parva, 279.27 and Adiparva 172.2

Nishkantakavana (no spikes) —-Adi, 264.14

Kadlivana (Banana Forest) ——-Adi 2.178 and Vana 264.8

Nirjana Vana (Desolate Forest) —-Adi 182.7 and Vana 264.8

Nandan vana ,———————– Adi 2.157, Vana 264.8

Kamyak Vana ———————–Vana 280.41

Dwait Vana ———————— Adi 2..157,  Vana 268.22

Khandava Vana ——————— Adi 2.195, Vana 264.27

There are mentions of following forests too in Mahabharata – Shalvana , Kantakiti Vana , Dev Vana , Tapovana (2)


Mahabharata also illustrates the plants by geographical differences as plants of deserts (Mahabharata Karna Parva 87.69) and low plant density in snowy regions (Mahabharata Adi Parva 150.8) .

The above discussions in various chapters suggest that though Mahabharata is not a Botany book but a Purana (history) book. However, in many places,   Mahabharata discusses the subjects of Botany and the illustrations of Mahabharata give us the knowledge of plants and plant science by people of Mahabharata creation time and Mahabharata editing and compiling period.



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