Complaintsagainst King by Govind Singh and Gang

Complaints against King by Govind Singh and Gang


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History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 121

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By:   Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)


Dabral informs that Govind Singh Bisht , Shiv Datta and a few personalities from Ravain sent a complaint letter or request letter to Major Young  the political agent on  17 Novemeb2r 1832 accusing the king. (1) .

The wordings of such complaint letter was as follows (2)-

“  In Gorkha Rule, the tax revenue for Ravain Pargana ( Region ) was fixed  for Kaccha Rupees seven –eight annually. When in 1811, Gorkha officials increased the planned tax revenue for Rs. 12000 annually, the Kamin Jamindar opposed ver badly the increased revenue and Gorkha regime kept the planned tax for 8000 only.

In 1815, British regime kept the tax for Ravain for Rs. 8000 annually only. When the rule came under the Their King, the king increased the tx from 8000 annually to 10000and also increased an miscellaneous   amount for Rs.1000 annually. The King had been collecting eleven thousands annually from Ravain region (2) for last eight years

In 1832, the King increased the tax amount up to for 12300 annually.  The King assured on that tome that there would no increase in further tax .However, he increased other taxes again the total tax amount reached  for Rs 14000 annually. (2)

The king collected Tooli –Patha tax for Rs. 300, He proposed  taxes as  Hadkar (tax at funeral) and Mundkar (birth tax)  The Kingdom people harassed those were unable for paying axes and such people are taking shelter under British regime (in Dehradun etc). Now, the King is auctioning the properties of such people”



1-Dabral, Shiv Prasad, (2009, Their Garhwal Rajya ka Itihas Uttarakhand ka Itihas part 1, (2nd edition) Veer Gatha Press, Garhwal India, page107-108

2-English Pre Mutiny Kumaon Records,  Pau.Le. Received series 2, vol. 1, 1831-1836

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