Ravain Land Settlement and thereafter

Ravain Land Settlement and thereafter

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By:   Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)

After getting permission from British authorities, Major Young started land settlement in Ravain on 22nd August 1833.  By then young was Lieutenant Colonel. Colonel Young sent a report to the Agent of Governor General after competition of land settlement on 11 November 1833 (1).Young prepared the report as per advice of Munshi Wakar Ali (2). Colonel wrote that the behaviour of King towards Govind Singh Bisht and Shivdata is unjustly. Young suggested higher authorities that there must be arrangement or order that the rights of Govind Singh, Shiv Datta are protected and the King would not be able to take Jagir of Govind Singh (2).

The King Sudarshan Shah was against the land settlement in Ravain as suggested by Young. Sudarshan Shah sent a couple of letters to British authorities complaining the partial behaviour of Colonel Young. Higher authorities used to send copies of those letters to Col. Young for suitable reply.

On 4th July 1835, the Agra government Secretary Scout sent a letter to Colonel Young (21). Scout showed satisfaction over land settlement report by Young and agreed the same. However, Scout cautioned Colonel Young that it was not proper to lessen the rights of the King without any proper reasons. Scout further clarified,” Governor General did not accept  your request to hand over Jagir of Govind Singh free from the king. The king has all rights to rule the Jagir as per his rule. The King has rights to take back Jagir from Govind Singh”( 2) .

Scout suggested that Govind Singh and Shiv Datta should pay tax on their authorised Jagir as per past custom but they should pay tax  for other land,  as other Kamin etc. were paying.  Scout clarified that Govind Singh and  Shiv Datt had to obey the rules of Kingdom. (1)



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