Geography and Place descriptions in Kashyap Samhita: Indicative Factors for Medical Tourism

Geography and Place descriptions in Kashyap Samhita: Indicative Factors for Medical Tourism

Indicating Factors of Medical Tourism in Kashyap Samhita -3

History of Medical Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism in Nagavansha Period (176-340 A.D.) – 10

History of Medical Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism in India, South Asia- 128

(With Special mentions of History of Medicines in India)

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Medical Tourism Historian)


Historians least paid attention on History of Medical tourism in India. As such,  medical tourism is a new subject for  this industrial. Therefore, for writing history of medical tourism , historians  need to find or search the indicating factors of medical tourism in any period or literature.

Kashyap Samhita do not mention who travels for medical aid nor we have any historical records. However, Kashyap Samhita offers us ample of factors those indicate that there was well developed medical tourism in Kashyap creating period.

First indicating factor is emergence of Kashyap sage as father of children illness and cure .

As Kashyap first for initiating for children illness cure, definitely not only parents of ill children from far way started visiting Kashyap and his disciples but  foreign scholars would have dropped Kashyapa and other experts of Paediatric science (disciples of Kashyap)  for getting new knowledge .

Kashyap Samhita illustrating geography

Kashyap Samhita illustrates Geography and the characteristics of people of different places the strong indicators of travels and medical tourism.

Kashyap Samhita mentions following countries (1)-

Kurukshaetra , Kuru, Naimisaranya, Panchal, Manichar, Kaushal, Haritpada,

Shursena, Char, Matsya Dsharna , Shishiradri, Sarswat, Sindhu, Sauver, Vipad or Vyasa, Kashmir, China, Upper China, Khas, Vwahik, Dasrek, Shat Sar, Raman etc (kalpa Bhojan Kalp 41-43 )

There are mentions of following different castes (Class as per family tree) in Kashyap Samhita (1) –

Sut, Maghad , Ven, Pukkas Prachyak, Chandal, Mushtik etc


Medicines or Food Suitability as per geographical regions

Kashyap had knowledge of characteristics and body suitability for medicines of  few  geographical regions and that means that  Kashyap  was a travelling physician too .

Kashyap mentions in Kashyap Samhita that sour and spice (teekshna) medicines (dravya) for the people belonging to Kashi, Pundru, Ag, Kavaga,    kach, Anupak (Konkan) Kaushal regions (1).

Same way, Kashyap mention sin Kashyap Samhita that soft /normal medicines were suitable for   people of  Narmada, Kalinga, Pattvasin, south   regions (1).

The above description in Kashyap Samhita was possible only when physicians were travelling, curing,  getting knowledge of new medicines and properties  of regional specialities  and exchanging all knowledge to other knowledgeable  too. The above is sure that there was tour by ill people to doctors or medical centres and medical experts visiting to various regions for curing people and getting newer medical knowledge too.

Strong Indicators of medical tourism in Kashyap Samhita




1-Vidyalankar Atrideva,   Ayurveda ka Vrihat Itihas, Hindi Sahitya Samiti, Banaras, (1960) pages -0, page 206

Medical Tourism Indicating factors in Kashyapa Samhita will be continued

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