Planttaxonomy in Early Buddhist Literature (Tipitaka)

Plant taxonomy in Early Buddhist Literature (Tipitaka)

Academic and Applied Botany in Mahajanapada Era or Buddhist Literature (1425 to 323 B.C.E) –7

 BOTANY History of Indian Subcontinent –53

By: Bhishma Kukreti M.Sc. {(Botany), B.Sc. (Honours in Botany), Medical Tourism Historian)-


There are classification of plants and animals in Panini and other classic Sanskrit literature. Same way there are plant classification in Buddhist Literature too (2).

According to ancient Indian reckoning, there are 7 types of all plants – (aushadhi (medicinal herbs), vanspati (forest type trees), vraksha (fruits and flower bearing tress), Gumba(Shrubs), Trina (grasses), patina(tendrils) and valli (vine )  (2) . By studying early Buddhist literature (Tipitaka) thoroughly, Dhammika states (2) that Buddha classified plants into –Aushadhi (medicinal herbs), tina (grasses and vanappataya (forest trees) (A, IV 100). Buddha considered that plants were born from one faculty (ekindriya).

Buddha distinguished plants by their propagation system as  by moola (root) , Khandha (stems ), phulla (joints) , agga (cutting), and bija (seeds) (D I 5) .




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