Decision of Successor by Sudarshan Shah

Decision of Successor by Sudarshan Shah

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By:   Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)


Sudarshan Shah was visionary. The son by Khaneti ji was Surjan Shah died at early age. Dabral assumed death in 1832 (1)

Sudarshan Shah made a will for successor and requested  to Governor General (Delhi) through Major Young  in early time of 1832 (1)  Sudarshan Shah sent letter  again to Governor General through Major Young ij October 1832 .  Sudarshan Shah did not change his decision

Since, Tehri Kingdom was not under British or East India Company, therefore, the will of Sudarshan Shah found valid by Lord Dalhousie in 1854 as Lord Dalhousie in  a letter (1) .

On that time, British officials did stop offering succession to adopted son of King under British rule or those kingdoms those used to pay tribute to British /East India Company. Tehri was never under British and never paid tribute to British.

The British official fund the will of King was valid that Bhavni Singh /Shah would be next King but Khavasan )queen) Khaneti ji has different plan or conspiracy

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