CEO as Parents in the organization

CEO   as Parents in the organization

Guidelines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series – 32

(Guiding Lessons for CEOs based on Shukraneeti)

(Refreshing notes for Chief Executive Officers based on Shukraneeti)

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Sales and Marketing Consultant)


गुणसाधन संदक्ष: स्व्प्रजाय बन्धुवैर्श्रवणो यम: I

क्षमयित्र्य पराधानां माता पुष्टि विधायिनी II ( Shukraneeti 1. 78 )

As the father raises children for making them with powerful character same way the King should have the capability for raising the subjects very strong. Same way, the king should have quality of mother for forgiving the children (subjects). ( Shukraneeti 1. 78 )

CEO should behave as parent in the organization.

Usually following are the responsibilities of parents for their children and there is no surprising that the CEO ha same duties as roles of parents in following lines –

1-Parents see that their children are always happy and same way, CEO must see that employees and associates are always happy.

2-Parenting is not popularity contest and same applies for CEO that it is not necessary others should come or don’t come to tell CEO is good in his duties. That means the CEO should not wait for other’s approvals.

3-Parents control children and CEO controls the organization or Employees.

4-Parents should see that let the children do what they capable of doing . Same way, CEO must ensure that jobs /duties to each employee are as per their capabilities and not whims of the boss.

Mother is never super woman for the children. Same way, CEO is not a superman but human being and should ensure the protection etc. of staff.

CEO takes tough decision and not popular decision and same is case of a parents .

CEO offers individuality to staff as parents offer to their children.

CEO holds the staff accountable as parents do .

CEO or employees must go   with rides;

CEO Should do his best as parents do.


1-Shukraneeti, Manoj Pocket Books Delhi, page 27

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