Chal Maangan : An Invocating deities Folk song for Pnadaun, Garhwali-KumauniFolk Dance

Chal Maangan : An Invocating deities Folk song for Pnadaun, Garhwali-KumauniFolk Dance

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Pandau Nrity geet (Pandaudance-Song) is a very popular and likable religious and community dance-song ofKumaun and Garhwal regions of Uttarakhand.

PandauNrity is a dance of Mandan (मंडाण). Mandan dance means where theworship and dance is performed around fire (Agni devta). The place is usually,country yard, community yard and dancers dance in groups with full vigor. Thereis no restriction of numbers of dancers in Pandaun dance (पंडोउ-

नाच). The dance is called ‘Mandan (मंडाण) only when there isworshipping of fire at the corner by music instrument players-Aujee/das.Lighting fire by rituals calls the deities. The Aujees worship deities asBhumipal, Khetrpal, Ghandyal, and Kurum deities by aid of Chandan, Akshat,Roli-Pithai, dhoop-deep after worship of fire. The fire is burnt till the danceceremony is not completed (Pnadon nrity samapan).

Male Pandau dancersdance in circle and there is lighted fire in the centre of circle called ‘Bhador Homastahal. The music instrument players and the jagar singer who is also aAujee and music instrument Dhol player.

After Agni Pooja andVastuk pooja, the Aujee/singer (the dhol player ), perform the Chauras Bajaceremony through music and ritual songs.

When Chaurasperformance is over , the singer or Pandoli (who is specialist of Pandaustories) asks for ‘Chal’ which is called ‘Chauras Mangan’.

The song for‘Chal-mangan ‘is as under:

गढवाली लोक नृत्य पंडो नाच का ‘चाल मांगण ‘ गीत

अमर रयान तेरीराम तोता बाणी….. (ढोल-दमाऊ की ध्वनि–गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

अमर रयान तेराह्रदय सागर ………..(ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

अमर रयान तेरोसोवन कनौठी……..(ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

अमर रयान योतामा बिजेसार ……… (ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

अमर रयान नौटंका नागर …………(ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

अमर रयान सोळटंका ढोल ……………(ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

पिता स्याम्दासु ! मातामहाकाली………(ढोल-दमाऊ की ध्वनि–गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

लगौ मेरा दासटकनौरी रान्सा ………… (ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

जंगलूं की सैर …………..(ढोल-दमाऊकी ध्वनि– गिजा-गिजड़ी ),

As soon as the DholBajan val Aujee (The dhol player who also sing Chal-mangan Jagar geet)

Starts singing and both Dhol and damau players playDhol-Damau in the tone of ‘gija-Gijadi..Gija-gijadi’

, the dancers stand in circle and start dancing. The danceof Chal-mangan’ is very slow and creates the rapture of peace (Shant evam Bhakti Ras) .

Source: Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal,

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