Kirti Shah reorganizing Forest department

Kirti Shah reorganizing Forest department

History of Tehri King Kriti Shah   – 10

History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 183

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1429

By:   Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)

Kirti Shah Reorganizing Forest department:-

King Pratap Shah appointed his brother in laws as conservator and deputy conservator for Tehri forest department. They took harsh decisions and villagers were annoyed by the Kingdom snatching forest rights of the villages.  King Kirti Shah sent Chandra Mohan Raturi of Godiganv for taking Forestry education from Forest College Dehradun (1). Chandra Mohan Raturi passed ranger degree and the King appointed him as Assistant conservator of Their Forest Department. Chandra Mohan Raturi worked there with hard work, devotion. The dissatisfaction of people calmed down for some time by work of Raturi. (1).

Forest Contract to Ganga ram Khanduri:- Ganga  Ram Khanduri of Sardana village of British Garhwal used to take forest contract in Chakrata and British Garhwal. Ganga ram Khanduri decided to take forest contract of Tehri Garhwal. Ganga Ram did not have sufficient money for taking contract of the Riyasat. Ganga Ram met Kirti Shah. Kirti Shah gave 1500 cedar trees to Ganga Ram Khanduri without any payment. Ganga ram cut those trees and converted into sleepers or logs. Those logs were brought to Haridwar through Bhagirathi and Ganga. Ganga Ram got thousands of rupees profit by selling those logs. From that year, ganga ram used to take Tehri forest contracts regularly. Ganga Ram Khanduri died on 7th August 1907 and his brothers took over the works.  (1)

Ghana Nand Khanduri emerging as famous forest Contractor and social Worker too:-

Ganga Ram Khanduri had four brothers and when he died there was total loss for Rs. 64000. Ghana Nand was more energetic and courageous than others. Ghana Nand Khanduri did not lose heart. All four brothers of late Ganga Ram Khanduri took decision that that bother who was in Tehri government service would continue there only. Radha Ballabh Khanduri would manage cutting trees and despatching them into Bhagirathi. Ghana Nand Khanduri would be stationed at Haridwar for collecting logs from Ganges and selling them. Chandra Ballabh Khanduri would be stationed in Mussoorie for looing after family members .  Ghana Nand Khanduri took loan for Rs. 40000 and restarted contract works with zeal. After a couple of years, Khanduri family returned loan and covered all past losses too. Very soon, Khanduri’s firm/s Ganga Ram Ghana Nand became famous and a profit making firm.

Ghana Nand Khanduri with the help of his brothers established free Sanskrit school in Uttarkashi. Khanduri brothers founded a girl school in Uttarkashi too. Khanduri brothers used to offer scholarship to poor students for taking education outside Garhwal and country. M/s Ganga ram firm was one of the biggest private Employment house in the region at that time. (2)


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