King Kirti Shah honoring Scholars

King Kirti Shah honoring Scholars

History of Tehri King Kriti Shah   – 13

History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 186

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1432

By:   Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)

Kirti Shah was well versed with English and Hindi.  He had knowledge of French and Sanskrit.  Tehri King Kirti Shah used to participate in religious rituals as satsanga, kirtn  or Conferences by Mahatmas

King Kirti Shah established press in Tehri.  The press used to print government /official necessary subject.  Kirti Shah also started a fortnightly newspaper as ‘Riyasat Tihri Garhwal Darbar Gazette. The cost of gazette was Rs. 2 annual.

Tehri King Kirti Shah was famous for honouring and sheltering scholars (1).

Hari Krishna Raturi- Hari Krishna Raturi was a brilliant scholar. He gained high position and was guardian of prince Kirti Shah when the prince was studying.  Harikrishna Raturi prepared a book Garhwal ka Itihas (history of Garhwal) in Hindi. Tehri king Kirti Shah arranged English version publication of the book from London. Before the book could take shape, Kirti Shah died.  Harikrishna Raturi lost his Hindi manuscript too. Harikrishna Raturi wrote again the book and published it in 1928 from Garhwali press Dehradun .  Harikrishna Raturi published a book ‘Narendra Hindu law” in 1917 and  that book worked as the  constitution for judiciary in Tehri Riyast.  In 1910, Hari Krishna Raturi published a book Garhwal Varnan .  Raturi expired in June 1933 (2)

Diwkar Sharma – Diwkar sharam was teacher in Pratap High school Tehri. Diwkar Sharma had interest in History especially Garhwal History.  Harikrihana Raturi used his collection about Garhwal history in his Book ‘Garhwal ka Itihas’. (1).

Badri Datt Sharma Pandey- Badri Datt Sharma belonged to  Pandey family of Kumaon . His ancestors established in Tehri from Kumaon. Badri Datt Sharma was Sanskrit teacher and was famous  Mantric –Tantric too.  He was Sanskrit teacher in Sanskrit school in capital. Later on,  his son Haranand  ‘ Magna Pundit became famous tantric- Mantric too.

Harikrishna Daurgidatta Rudola – Harikrishna Daurgidatta Rudola was born in Shrinagar. In 1855. His father Durga Datta t was famous scholar of astrology, Karmakanda and mantras.

The Queen Guleria appointed learned Harikrishna Daurgadatti   Rudola as teacher in Pratap High School Tehri.  Harikrishna Daurgadatti was brilliant poet of Sanskrit, Hindi (Braj) and Garhwali.  Harikrishna Daurgadatti Rudola created epics and long poetries in Sanskrit. Maxmular appreciated his poetries. He also published Garhwali poetries in Garhwali magazine. (1) .Dr. Prem Datt Chamoli analysed and appreciated his Sanskrit works in ‘Sanskrit Sahitya ko Garhwal ki den’.


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