Plant Science aspects in Vrikshayurveda by Salihotra (400 BC)

Plant Science aspects in Vrikshayurveda by Salihotra (400 BC)

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The concept of Vriksha Ayurveda or Plant life Science had been there in literature in India from the beginning that is from Veda time. There had been literature exclusively devoted to plant life science too as Dr. Prashanth (1)  and Shrikanth et all  informed that as per record the first Indian  book ( Granth) on Vriksha Ayurveda (pant life science) is created by Salihotra (around 400 B.C.)

Vriksha Ayurveda by Salihotra (400 B.C) has following vast twelve chapters (1 and 2) –

1-Bhumi Nirupana deals with classification of various soils

2-Bijoptivithi- Bijoptivithi chapter deals with seed germination process, seed  grading and seed preservation

3-Padpavivkasa- Padpavivkasa explains the aspects of tree biology hat plant has life

4-Ropana Vidhana

5-Nischana Kanavidhi  discusses about irrigation methods, uses and process of fertilizers

6-Poshana Vidhi –the chapter illustrates about raising plants and trees

7-Drumrkasha –Drumrksha chapter makes clarity about saving plants/trees from bad weather and other conditions and diseases. The chapter also deals with treatments too .

8-Taru Chikitsa Treatments of diseased plant is discussed in ths chapter

9-Upvana Kriya –Upvana Kriya offers instruction of garden organization etc

10-Nivasa sanna Traru subhasubha lakshna –The chapter discusses about planting trees on a particular direction near house or far away from house

11-Taru Mahima Discusses about wells, ponds and rivers and importance of trees.

12- Chitrikarana – The chapter illustrates some  extra ordinary methods of plant blooming, making plant mature before time etc.

The Grantha  Vriksha Ayurveda by Salihotra  (400 BC) shows that  there was developed plant science, botany , agriculture science and horticulture science in India .


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