CEO must take advice from advisors before decision

CEO must take advice from advisors before decision

Guidlines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series – 78

(Guiding Lessons for CEOs based on Shukra Niti)

(Refreshing notes for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) based on Shukra Niti)

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Sales and Marketing Consultant


सभ्य अधिकारिप्रकृति सभासत्सु मते स्थित: I

सर्वदा स्यान्नृप: प्राज्ञ: स्वमते न कदाचन्  II

प्रभु: स्वातंत्र्यमापन्नो ह्यनर्थायैव  कल्पते I

भिन्नराष्ट्रों भवेत्सद्यो भिन्नप्रकृतिरेव  च II (Shukra Niti Yuvrajadi Lakshan 2. 3, 4)


The wise king is that takes decision /acts as per advices from officers, ministers, council members, and not by his own whims. The king that acts as per his own thought and whims losses Kingdom and ministers also stp advising him.    (Shukra Niti Yuvrajadi Lakshan 2. 3, 4)

CEO must take advices from his immediate subordinates of committees-

The CEO must take advices before taking critical and important decision. The advisors might be immediate deputies, departmental heads, legal heads, outsider consultants, or recommendation from the committees.

Since, due to over burden of works , CEO does not have ground knowledge , there it is essential that CEO takes advices from those have ground knowledge . However, the CEO must be careful that the advisor is selfless person and does not have any self-interest I offering advice to the CEO.

The CEO should not take decision on her/his whims. The whimsical decisions are always fatal for the organization.


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