Plant Science in Vrikshayurveda of sage Parashar

Plant Science in Vrikshayurveda of sage Parashara

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Parashar had been a famous sage of India and had been cited in many texts as creator of text and sage. For example, he is also famous for Gita (Autosuggestion etc.) and Niti Shastra in Mahabharata. Parashar is also famous for creating agriculture science chapter (already detailed in past chapters).

Soni states about Vrikshayurveda by sage Parashara that Dr. Girija Prasanna Majumdar the famous botanist from Bengal discussed about Vrikshayureda created by Parashara in his book ‘History of Science in India’. (1) Father of N.N. Sircar (who was Ayurveda practioner) found the manuscript first and N.N. Sircar translated and published it (2).

The creation year of the book ‘Vrikshayurveda by Parashara could be placed between 1st Century B.C. to4th AD (3).

The book is in six parts-

1-Birth of Seeds ( Bijotpattikanda )

C-Trinvargeadhyaya (grass class)





Bijotpattikanda  chapter has  following sub chapters –

A-Bijotpattisutrodhyaya   -seed germination chapter

B- Bhumivargashyaya- seeds coming up chapter



E-Pushpangasutriyadhyaya (related to flower Formation in plants)

F-Phalangasutriyadhyaya ( fruits Formation of  in plant )

G-Astangaganasutriyadhyaya (eight parts)



2- Vansaptikanda or Vegetation

Vansaptikanda chapter has following sub chapters –

A-Vanspatinirvananadhyaya – Vegetative construction

B-Vrikshagansamgrahadyaya (tree class)

Vansapatayakanda has following chapters –

A-Vanspataya Vicharanadhaya

b-Sami Vargadhyaya

Gulmakshupa kanda ( Shrub)

Virudha Valikanda (   treatments)



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