Plant Anatomy in Vrikshayurveda by Parashara

Plant Anatomy in Vrikshayurveda by Parashara

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Other world did get some knowledge of internal parts of plant in 17th century after invention of microscope. However,  there was  clear mention or concept of microscopic anatomy in Parashara period when Vrikshayurveda was created.

In this chapter a couple of example will be submitted about Plant Anatomy concept in Vrikshayurveda by Parashara –

1st Plant Anatomy Example in Vrikshayurveda by Parashara –

-In  Verse 3-4 of Dwiganiya Adhyaya (chapter III) of Bijotpati Kanda book) of Vrikshayurveda, Parashara explains that –

Bijanganior parts of seeds

‘ Parts of seeds are termed as ‘Kikhosa’, ‘Bijamatrika’, ‘Bijapatra’ and ‘Matrkacchada’.

Kikhosa is pouter cover of seed.

The seed coat (kikhosa) , according to its nature is divided into three kind –

Kastika (woody)

Karpara (Brittle)


Mridula (Soft) .

The above is cited rom Book  by Sircar  (1)

2nd Plant Anatomy example in Vrikshayurveda by Parashara (2)–

In 1.4.27 of Vrikshayurveda is about description of internal structure of leaf .

According to Parashara, leaf consists of many cells (rasakosha) .the cell wall is fine and transparent (Sukshmaacchapatraka) and derived from jelly like substance (alarm) through metabolic actions. The basic structure of cell explained by Parashara is same as of modern time – cell wall and protoplasm (kalam of Parashara )

Parashara describes that  the rasakosha or cell as store house of the sap(rasasyarya adharascha )

As per Parashara, The cell sap contains five basic constituents  (panchbhutika gunasamanvitah and  colouring matter (ranjakayuktam )   (2)-

There are references of Tvaka ( Epedermis) , sara (heart wood),  Swarsa (sap), niryasu (exudation ) and sneha (fat and oil ) too in Vrikshayurveda by Parashara that shows that in those time, scholars had good knowledge of plant anatomy and physiology in ancient India  .


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