Appointment of other Staff by CEO

Appointment of other Staff by CEO

Guidelines for Chief Executive Officers (CEO) series – 97

(Guiding Lessons for CEOs based on Shukra Niti)

(Refreshing notes for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) based on Shukra Niti)

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Sales and Marketing Consultant)


साहसाधिपति चैव  ग्रामनेतारमेव  च I



तत्त्कार्येषु कुश्लांज्ञात्वा  तांस्तु        नियोजयेत I  127 first shloka

(Shukra Niti Second ChapterYuvrajadi Lakshan 121-127)

The king should appoint in charges of following each departments /regions –

Sahsadhipati in Pur or region and village

And other staffs as –




Dwarpal .

The King should also arrange yearly or monthly income for tapaswi, donors, Knowledgeable of Vedas and Smritis, Puranas , Shashtras, Astrologers, Doctors, Tantric, Mantriks, Karmakand Ritual performers, Scholars, Shaivya performers  etc. If a King does not do acts as above he will get defame and lose kingdom . The king should appoint staff as per their capabilities.

Translation –

(Shukra Niti Second ChapterYuvrajadi Lakshan 121 – 127)

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