Tooth Brushes descriptions in Brihat Samhita

Tooth Brushes descriptions in Brihat Samhita

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In last chapters  there were discussions about medical plants and botanical glossary described in Brihat Samhita based on the translation of Brihat Samhita by N .C. Iyer  )1).

Iyer also discussed the chapter 65 (Dantakashta Lakshna)   from Brihat Samhita as ‘On truth Brushes’ and the extract of that chapter is as follows –

1-Dantakashta (Tooth Brushes) may be made of twigs of spreading vines, climbers, shrubs or trees. The description will be very   long .Therefore, we shall confine to twigs those  could be chewed.

2-The twigs of unknown trees, creeper s and those twigs those are split, having joints or sry should be rejected.

3- The chewing of twigs of following plants /trees offer Brahmnincal splendour-  Vikantaka (Gymnosporia spinosa), Sriphala (Bilva tree) , Kasmari   (Gmelina arborea) .

The person chewing twigs of Ksema will secure a good wife.

The uses of Bnayan twigs increase wealth and grains stock (Dhana –Dhnaya)

The uses of Arka twigs will increases appearance splendour

The uses of Madhuka twig will give son

4- The uses of Sirisa and Karanja twigs will bring  wealth and prosperity

The uses of twigs of Plaksa will bring money.

By using twigs of Aswattha will get respects from others and his own community

5- The uses of Badri twigs will make a person healthy .The uses of  twigs of Brihati (Egg plants) will bring long life. The uses twigs of Khadira and Bilva will increase wealth and twigs of Atimukta and Kadamba will bring fulfilment of desires.

6-The uses of Nipa brings wealth, uses of Karavira twigs will bring god meal. The uses of  Bhandira twigs will bring much food; the uses of twigs of Sami, Arjun, and Syama will destroy the enemies.

7-The chewing of Ashwakaran , Bhadrataru and Chatrysaka twigs will bring dignity for users. The chewing of   Priyangu, Apamarga, Jambuand Dadima twigs will bring love from people.

In part 8 and 9, there is description of  direction and benefits of washing the brushes etc. The Brihat Samhita also discusses the pattern of throwing the used brushes.



1-N. Chidambaram Iyer 1884, Brihat Samhita    (freely available on Internet for readers)

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