Gupta Empire: An Introduction

Gupta Empire: An Introduction

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Mahajan rightly states that there are many sources for knowing the Gupta Empire (319-535 CE) as Literature works of that time; Tour memoir by Fahien a Chinese traveler; Inscriptions, Seals, Monuments, and other literature after Gupta era too.

It is unknown about the land from where Gupta family started the rules.

From the reports of various Historians as Mahajan etc. (2), the following outlined data is available about Gupta emperors (almost all Indian subcontinent barring a couple of south sates) –

Chandragupta I (280-319) was son of Ghatotkatcha and got crown of Maghada .

Samudragupta Parakramka (335- 375 A.D.) – Samudragupta got crown from his father around 335 (2)

Rama Gupta (375-380)

Chandragupta II ‘Vikramaditya (380- 415) – He was strong king as Samudragupta and expanded  Gupta empire.

Kumargupta I ruled for 42 years (415-457)

Skandagupta (457-467) very brave King as Chandragupta II

Punyagupta (467 -473) from here,  the Gupta empire started decline .Other Gupta Kings were Kumargupta II (467-476),



Kumargupta III,


and Bhanugupta -


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