Sher-E-Hind and Shahid –E-Bharta of Garhwal

Sher-E-Hind and Shahid –E-Bharta of Garhwal

History of Tehri King Narendra Shah -47

History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 240

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1487

By: Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)

Indian National Army appointed Captain Pitrisharan Raturi of 5/18 Garhwal rifle as Lieutenant Colonel of Subhash brigade in INA. L. Colonel Pitrisharan Raturi showed great bravery in the Arakan battle.  Subhash Chandra Bose presented ‘Sher –E- Hind’ Award to l. Colonel Pitrishran Raturi himself. Later on Raturi was transferred to personnel staff of Subhash Chandra Bose.(2)

Subedar major Padma Singh Gusain of 5/18 Battalion of Garhwal rifle was promoted as major in 3rd Battalion of Subhash Regiment. The Third Battalion reached Assam through Burma. However, the battalion did not receive battle materials. The battalion had to return from Assam.  On 27th may 1945, the battalion marched to meet Subhash Chandra  Bose in Bangkok.  However, Padma Singh Gusain died in the way . Padma Singh Gusain was awarded ‘Shahid ‘E –Bharat’ after death  (2)


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