Self-Immolation of Mahendra Singh Bagri and other soldiers

Self-Immolation of Mahendra Singh Bagri and other soldiers

History of Tehri King Narendra Shah -49

History of Tehri Kingdom (Tehri and Uttarkashi Garhwal) from 1815 –1948- 242

History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) – 1489

By: Bhishma Kukreti (History Student)


Subedar Mahendra Singh Bagri of 2/18 Garhwal Rifle was appointed as Captain in Indian National Army. Mahendra Singh Bagri was made Commanding in charge of  3rd   battalion of second infantry regiment. On 22nd April 1945, when the Battalion of   Mahendra Singh was returning aback from Popa ( in Burma) , British tanks surrounded the battalion . The battalion led by Mahendra Singh Bagri did not have weapons and strength for defending the tanks. They had options for self-immolation or surrendering. Mahendra Singh army choose the self-immolation. The sliders of Brigade led by Mahendra Singh Bagri tied hand grenade nad petrol bottle on their chest and attacked on the tankers of British army. Those brave soldiers destroyed many tanks. The soldiers including Bagri did self-immolation bur destroyed enemy’s tanks. Shah Nawaz Khan appreciated the bravery of Mahendra Singh Bagri and his soldiers and cited Mahendra Singh Bagri him as  ‘The Bravest Soldier’ of INA.  (2)

When the World War ended and when INA soldiers returned to Garhwal , people welcomed INA soldiers with high zeal.

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