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Classification of Assets

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निध्यादिकं च मार्गादौ प्राप्तमज्ञातस्वामिकम II327 II




पारितोषयम भूतिप्राप्तं विजिद्यातं धनं च यत् II330II

स्वस्वते अधिकसंज्ञं  तदन्यत्साहजिकं स्मृतम् I

(Shukra Niti Second Chapter Yuvrajadi Lakshan, 327 –330)


The wealth /coins those are left on the road, or wealth got from the underground is called unknown source assets or assets of indefinite owner. Same way, the definite ownership asset is also of two types – Sahjik Intuitive and Adhik or earned by unnatural ways. Sahjik Dhan are assets earned by ancestral properties or by business. The Adhik’ or unnatural assets are earned by getting wealth by winning war,  reward, interest, salary, earning  performing rituals etc.

(Shukra Niti Second Chapter Yuvrajadi Lakshan, 327-330)

In today time, the assets are of following types-

Growth Assets – Equities securities, Antiques, Rental properties

Defensive Assets- Debt securities, saving Accounts, Deposits certificates

The assets are also divided into – tangible assets and intangible assets.


1-Shukra Niti, Manoj Pocket Books Delhi, page -107

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