Types of soil in Amarkosha


Types of soil in Amarkosha

Agriculture Science in Amarkosha Lexicon -

Plant Science / Botany in Classic Sanskrit Literature

BOTANY History of Indian Subcontinent –153

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s= Half अ /आधा अ फलो


There are references of Agriculture science in Amarkosha too.  There is agriculture subject in Aushadhivarga, Bhumivarga and Vaisyavarga (2).

In Vaisyavarga, there are two words those are connected to agriculture-

भूमिस्पृश/ Bhumisprisha – that who  touches (cultivates) the  land

क्षेत्रजीव /Kshetrajiva =  The husbandman or living on land (cultivation) .

The classification of Soil in Bhumivarga of Amarkosha –

The soil classification/nomenclature by fertility is as under –

मृतिका /Mritika – Soil

मृतसा/ mritasa – excellent soil

उर्व्वरा/urvara – A  fertile soil  with every crop


सर्वशसाध्या/Sarvashsadhya- A  fertile soil  with every crop

क्षार मृतिका /Kshar Mritika  -Salty soil

उषवानूषर Ushavanur – A spot of such soil

अनुर्वरा/Anurvara -  Barren soil

मरु /Maru- A region devoid of water

अप्रहते खिले/Aprahate Khile- Waste land

नदी मात्रिका /Nadi Mitrika – Soil watered by river

देव मात्रका ?Dev Matrika – soil watred by rain





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