Difference between Knowledge and Art

Difference between Knowledge and Art

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

s = आधी अ

विद्या हयानन्ताश्च कला: संख्यातु नैव शक्यते I




विद्यानां व कलानां च नामानि तु पृकक् पृथक्   II 3

There many Knowledge and Arts. It is not possible to count them. However, the main Knowledge are thirty-two and many arts are sixty-four.

That act that is completed by tongue without any hurdle is knowledge and the act that is also completed by hands by dumb is called art.

There will be detailing of art and knowledge in the following chapters.

(Shukra Niti Fifth Chapter Vidya VA Kala Nirupan 1 -3)


1-Shukra Niti, Manoj Pocket Books Delhi, page -213

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