Defining the Punishment


Defining the Punishment

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

s = आधी अ

निवृत सदाचाराद्दमनं दंडतश्च  तत् I

येन संदम्यते जन्तुरुपायो दंड एव स: II ४२II

स उपायो नृपाधीन: स सर्वस्य  प्रभुर्तयत: I

Punishment is that mean by that leads to the suppression of human beings That leads to giving up bad/harmful practices and is restrained by penalties by which animals are controlled.

That policy of punishment should be administrated by the King only as the King is Lord .

(Shukra Niti Fifth Chapter Mitra -Amitra Lakshan second 42)


1-Shukra Niti, Manoj Pocket Books Delhi, page -179

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