Factors of Effectiveness of Punishment in workplaces

Factors of Effectiveness of Punishment   in workplaces

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

पाशवोपि वशं  यान्ति विद्रवन्ति च दस्यव I

… 47

अतो दंडधरो नित्यं  स्यान्नृपो  धर्मरक्षणो II 48

s = आधी अ

The thieves get frightened, the looters leave the territory, the garrulous become dumb, the terrorists become silent, the  non-taxpayers start paying tax or enemy king start paying tributes, other negative hearted become demoralized. Therefore, the king always administers punishment for keeping morality, righteousness and religion.

(Shukra Niti Fifth Chapter Mitra -Amitra Lakshan second47-48 )

Conclusively, the  4 factors that influence the effectiveness of the  punishment (2)

Immediacy – As Miltenberger said,“ For punishment to be more effective, the consequences must follow the behaviour immediately”.

Contingency plays a large role in the success of punishment processes.

Establishing Operations

The difference in   individuals and the magnitude of the punishers

Punishment as tools in Workplaces –

Punishment is carried out in the workplaces because (2) -


For Motivation

For Controlling



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