The CEO must be Kind Hearted

The CEO must be  Kind Hearted

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

अंतर्मुदुर्बहि: क्रूरो भूत्वा स्वां दंडयेत प्रजाम् II 64

अत्युग्रदंडकल्प:  स्यात् स्वाभावाद्धितकरिण:  I

While delivering the decision for punishment, the king might show anger . However, in real life, the King must be  kind hearted .

(Shukra Niti Fifth Chapter Mitra -Amitra Lakshan second 64)

The CEO must be kind hearted because CEO has to take decisions for the long-term growth for the organization. Many times, the CEO has to take decision for firing non performing employee or criminal-minded employee and that does not mean the CEO is not kind hearted because many times, for the benefits of the organization the CEO has to show hard hearted person .

The CEO must lead with the Kindness but should never tolerate the crimes and non-performances in the organization. The CEO can show unkind behaviour at some times but should always be Kind hearted.


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