Techniques for CEO dealing with Backbiters


Techniques for CEO dealing with Backbiters

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

राष्ट्रं कर्णेजपैनित्यं हन्यते च स्वभावत: II 65

अतो नृप सूचितोपि विमृशेत कार्यमादरात् I

The king should hear the matter of backbiters, should think in details, then should take decision by analysing all the pros and cons.

(Because, usually, backbiters create enmity between the Kingdoms)

(Shukra Niti Fifth Chapter Mitra -Amitra Lakshan II,  65)

Backbiting is defined that “Saying mean or spiteful things about the person that is absent.”

The CEO should rid of backbiting in the organization.by following approaches-

Fist, the CEO must find out the truthiness of the subject.

Second, the CEO must analyse whether the juicy gossip is good or bad.

Third, the CEO must analyse the usefulness of the subject.

Fourth , the CEO must analyse the real motto of backbiter.

Over all, the CEO must see that the organization is free of backbiters.

Regular team meeting is one of the better solutions to get rid of backbiters.


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