Earning Wealth through Ethical Means

Earning Wealth through Ethical Means

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s= आधी अ

By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

अन्यायेनार्जितो यस्माद् येन तत्पापभाक् च स: I

सुपात्रतो गृहीतं यदूतं वा वर्धते च यत् II

The respectable or deserving person earns and spends well or through right ways or means .The undeserving person earns and spends wealth through opposite means.

(Shukraneeti, Chapter 5, Kosha Nirupan, 5)


Shukraneeti states that the weal earned by wrong or unethical means will provide bad results to the earner.

1-Shukra Niti, Manoj Pocket Books Delhi, page -190

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