Strategies for Increasing Wealth, Market Share, or Vote Share

Strategies for Increasing Wealth, Market Share or Vote Share

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)

-अधर्मशील नृपते: सर्वत:  संहरेत् धनम् I

छलाद् बलात् दस्युवृत्ता परराष्ट्राद्धरेत्तथा II 7II

The king should take away the wealth from the king those are engaged in immoral means by crafts or force or by robbing and also from another kingdom.

(Shukraneeti, Chapter 5, Kosha Nirupan, 7)

CEO must know the strategies of increasing Wealth, Market Share, or Vote Shares for the organization-

The modern CEO ca not attack on opponents by old methods for increasing wealth, market share or vote share for the organization. However, there are means of increasing wealth, market share or vote share –

Taking market share from weak brands or diminishing brands (diminishing due to applying illegal methods) as Samsung, LG should fill the gap by grabbing the market share of Videocon. Summit invented Mixer Grinder in India and had been the strongest market leader for decades. However, due to family problems among stakeholders, Summit started diminishing. Preeti a mixer from South India emerged and filled the gap that happened due to absences from Summit.

In Bengal, the leading political party Bhartiya Janta party did not have takers as a political party by 2014. However, by 20121, the Bhartiya Janta party became the running political party in the state after Trina Moll Congress (TMC).  Bhartiya Janta party took the following strategically steps for increasing its vote share and for becoming the main opposition party of TMC-

Bhartiya Janta party lured the active workers of Congress and Communists parties as both Parties became weak due to thumping win by TMC.

Bhartiya Janta Party took active leaders from TMC and took them into its fold.

When Akai brand diminished (because it was found that the brand owner Moolchandani cheating the government on excise duty front and sales tax too) , many Indian brands tried to grab the market share of Akai TV.

When ex-Chief Minister and Janta Dal secular Laloo Yadav was sent to Jail in Chara /Fodder scam, Bhartiya Janta party took advantage by taking Vote Share of Janta Dal (secular in Bihar.

The conclusion is that Political Parties should be ready to grab the  Vote Share of weakening political parties and the commercial organizations should be active enough for grabbing the market share of a diminishing brand or weakening brand.


1-Shukra Niti, Manoj Pocket Books Delhi, page -191

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, 202

Strategies for –  taking market share of diminishing brand or increasing vote share by political parties by  filling the vacuum created due to weak or diminishing political parties.

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