Defence Budget of a Country in Tough Economic Times cannot be drastically curtailed

Defence Budget of a Country in Tough Economic Times cannot be drastically curtailed

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By: Bhishma Kukreti (Management Acharya)


दंडभूभागशुल्कानामाधिक्यात् कोष वर्धनम् I

अनापदि च कुर्वीत तीर्थ देवकर ग्रहात् II9II

यदा शत्रु विनाशार्थ बल संरक्षणोद्यत: I

विशिष्ठ दंडशुल्कादि धनं लोकात्तदा  हरेत् II10II

In regular times, the King should not upsurge capital punishment, land tax and other taxes and by taking taxes from holy places. However, for the defence budget (punishing or bargaining with the enemy countries), the king should take money from people as special grants, fines or additional taxes.

Shukraneeti, Chapter 5, Kosha Nirupan, 9, 10)

In normal days, the country should not increase the taxes on the people. However, there should be provision for the defence budget and for the proper defence budget; the country should be ready for levying taxes on its citizens by taking them into confidence. In old days, the king was least bothered for social causes. However, these days the state has to spend a sizable amount of money on public utilities. Therefore, there is a requirement of revenue through taxes. However, the government should always take people into confidence in increasing the particular types of taxes.


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